Thursday, 4 November 2010

william, it was really nothing

t shirt - matalan(old), cardigan - h&m(bf) jeans - topshop, bag - primark, hat - h&m, jacket - debs

tiger/leopard, no this is not trashy or is it ? i went to town in this, im finding it so hard to wear this jacket its an inbetween coat, because it require the perfect weather and by this i mean windy! it it slightly windy then the leather will do, if it cold then the coat is required, but today it was just windy enough.

in other news ive convinced my sister to invest in a business opportunity, she is 9. so obviously, this will work out well

see my room is getting tidier, eventually it'll be all done.


  1. love the Smiths ref.
    the cardi looks amazing leopard is never trashy and i also love the shirt xx

  2. LOVE the t shirt
    Are the trousers high waisted? I'm looking for a pair like this..

    Thanks for the comment on the henna tattoos :) i'm following you please follow me too

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  4. Love that shirt gurl!