Wednesday, 24 November 2010

ive seen it happen in other people's lives

hat - river island/ shirt - h&M/ shorts - thrift/ shoes - primark

and now its happening to mine

I'm gettig so bored of staying at home all the time, I cannot wait to start at Next on Saturday, although Im slightly apprehensive; what if im shit ? wha if people dont like me ? what if i trip and fall down the stairs? Because people, question have got to be asked, but dont worry Im adminstering myself some type of cognitive therapy

Delivery can be so frustrating Im currently waiting on a face mask I bought from ebay a months ago... and Make up i bought from Sleek two weeks ago now, when they had that 50% sale...

god my hair is awful! I have to wait another 3 weeks to get it done


  1. i lovelovelove the song in your title! :D smiths <3 (ps your hair looks lovely, shush)

  2. loving your blog
    your beauttttyyfuul btw.

  3. I LOVE what you're wearing, look awesome!!

  4. loving your hat! cool blog i just found it via a comment you left somewhere :) hopefully we can follow each other?




  5. I'm still waiting on my sleek stuff as well :(

  6. I need the same hat... :(
    River Island, I'm coming !

  7. love this look! very boho sheek

    you pull it off well following

    love this blog

    follow back xisses