Saturday, 30 October 2010

you're such a, such a, such a, strange girl

blouse – tescos, denim shorts – miss selfrigde.

My mum bought me this blouse this morning and i am absolutely in love with it. Ive been looking for a pop of colour, something not in season but all h &m could offer me is bright yellow with cream lace in jersey. Ew. But well done mum, kudos to you, and the best part ? its was £2.00 thats right where from? Tesco. It beautifully coloured (even more so in real life), brilliantly sheer, and look at those shoulders! The scalloped layer, you may or not be able to tell im in love. I paired it with black tights and denims short, and a blue stone necklace(not seen) i really wanted to wear my leather jacket and my(faux) fur caplet but i couldn’t find it. Something dramatically dark to complement.

In other news i only got to take 4 shots(so apologies) because my boyfriend was waiting outside to take to me town, he got a new phone, and im slightly jealous, that he loves it more than. Gutted
Added some new additions to the room tonight, god i hate drilling! Ill will tidy it up pictures soon i promise(2 day max.) I think once my room is tidy, the pictures will look a lot better because you see better, less clutter.

if you could feel my love

dress - newlook(new/bf), belt - riverisland(new/bf), shoes - topshop, earrings - primark (bf)

welcome to date night, my boyfriend and i went out in oxford for a few drinks in oxford, we went to a few nice bars the living room, the oxford retreat and copa, we would gone to more but that had loads of student things going on, not permitting the general public, then we travelled via train back to ban, met up with his friends and went dancing in this smelly club, but the music was good! I wore an outfit that i picked up in town that day the dress was only £18 and the belt which isnt normal my type of thing was£5 down from £25.

False pretences, on this blog it seem like my wardrobe is fuelled my boyfriend, that ive got some type of sugar daddy (i wish!) but really we took each other shopping for our 6 months, and he gave me some money for my birthday as a belated present last week, slowly but surely im spending of course. And here he is;

p.s you may have noticed the drinking ban is over, its been a month and four days, ive become immune....

Friday, 29 October 2010

oh rly?

matalan £26

dear world, it is possible i kind of need these? is it only possible because they remind of the burberry prorsum boots, or at only £26 they call me?

kind regards

hello, oh

dress - h&m, jacket - h&m, cardigan waistcoat - river island, green tights - primark

This is my boyfreinds favourite dress on me, the one he ansers when i say what should i wear ? i wore it the first time i was ambushed to have dinner with his parents..

Didnt get the job and so the search continues, im off to town to hand in my cvs, jobhunt and the rest me so depressed and when i dont get the job so inaquedate! oh well. Im cooking dinner tonight for my boyfriend and his parents, pad thai, i made it for them last time and i really wanted to cook something different but apparently they really like.

Think im gonna give this dress to my sister it makes me look like i have no waist and i can only indulge in waist belt once and again, because take note people, they dont have to be worn with every outfit...

Also aftre dinner, its date night, more on that and outfits later

Thursday, 28 October 2010

hatful of hollow

1 h&m 2 primark 3 primark 4 h&m jacket - h&m

how crazy do i look ? my eyes are so darks im getting that dead behind the eyes thing and my eyebrows! ah wonky, but we'll ignore them for the moment.Its finally getting cold, and my ears are starting to feel like plus i just like headwear and so its done scarves next i think...

improvement of photo quality ? when i was in london, my uncle gave me his old camera as he now has a 500d(jealous) but in the land of unemployed, beggars cant be choosers, so im currently working with a canon powershot s5 1s its a step closer to the 1000d. Just as an added note, i haven't edited my photos bar resizing its the natural lights they create the colour variations.

p.s i need a new blusher, ive been using a maybelinnes rusty pink on but i want something different ive had my eye on mac raizin for while now..

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

panic on the streets of london

wool cape - matalan/bf(new), vest - h&m, leather leggings - h&m/bf(new)

I went to london for the weekend, by i went to london, i mean i went shopping...

Currently my full time photographer is on strike(half term) therefore i felt like i would embarrassed myself with use of self timer. oh dear, this could become a regulars thing.

Since ever i have been searching for perfect pair of leather leggings, i found some in topshop for £38 they were nice, but they dont suit my unemployed wallet ( in other news i had an interview today) and madly scouring, the next pair didn't take my fancy, so this weekend on a trip to london, i brought some, and by some i mean two, and by two i mean they are different i cannot decided which to keep they are both from h&m both £15 although one look alarming like a wet look leggings and the other form divided quite rigid, with a zip at the ankle... now to find those receipts

p.s im still tidying/redocrating!an curly hair...

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

unknown pleasures & ethnic treasures

jacket - topshop, joy division t shirt - ebay, peacock earring - ebay, jeans - miss selfrigde, clogs - primark, bag - folk festival/curtersy of bf

When something/someone knock you down

you can never feel so lonely...
or so fat.

Monday, 11 October 2010

lonely hearts

t shirt, scarf/turban - h&m, high waisted jeans - miss selfridge, wedges - new look
, bracelet - charlies, rings h&m

once again, apologies for the shoddy quality.

more to follow

things i need

what is that you need?

Sunday, 10 October 2010


cardigan - tkmaxx, jeans - new look/ curtesy of lovely bf, vest top - h&m, shoes - primark, ring claires/h&m

i cannot help it, honestly i love hair extensions, much to the dismay my boyfriend.I love the way they can give you such freedom to switch up your style, and you can basically do anything to them. This is my third install this july, but i needed it ! the amount of hair products i have gained this summer is unbeleiveable. Hair extensions dont always have to be expensive, i use this website here and a weaving method, or at least my mum does. And yes it is perfectly exceptable for your mother to do your hair at 19... and ever for ever

These are my new shoes i bought yesterday in ox, they remind me of the opening ceremony sandals, and they were only £8 down from £15, i also picked up some clogs for £6 and ive wanted clogs for ages (months) whilst they not my perfect pair they will do, theyre some located in newlook with are pretty nice, but sometimes do you feel that you will be lax of design in order for a cheap price , this isnt always the case for but me, but really how many times will i wear them ? the honest is ALL THE TIME, then to anyone who asks and to anyone who doesnt i will go on about low cost per wear ...
Hopefully you get what i mean...

P.S apologies for the shots.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

I know its over

... well it never really began, but in my heart is was so real and it really spoke to me and said

charlies, hop farm, reading, fair port, heyford, the ban

what have you done this summer?

Thursday, 7 October 2010

every cloud has a silver lining

Since deciding not to uni, my next project has been to decorate my room..

The uni story is bittersweet really but i no longer feel upset about it... I originally applied to birmingham uni to study law, my predictions were AAB and i need AAA, so when they gave me a conditional offer i was overjoyed, i had to do a entry test lnat, in which i scored above average (always a good'm). So far so good but come 19th August.......results were A*ABb and so birmingham was not for me, and so onto the insurance choice Sussex. However as an insurance applicant i wasnt offered student housing and i had so much trouble finding anywhere else to live so i decided to defer, and here i am. trying to blog. For the record i studied Business Studies, Psychology, English lit and lang and philosophy. oh well


know your limits

in all fairness this night started out well a good bye to all our friends leaving for uni, commendable of course.

dress - topshop courtesy of the lovely bf/ at charlies house

unfortunatley, this night ended in disaster,thus i have taken a hiatus from alcohol, its all for the best really...


ring, necklace, jacket - h&m/dress - miss selfrigde. out in the ban.

hello, welcome to musings on food, fashion and outing. i hope