Sunday, 27 March 2011


hat - next/ jacket - h&m/ cropped tee - topshop/ shorts - debs/ shoe - primark

New hat from next £10! Although I may be spending I'm still kinda keeping to my pledge. This is a new tee which somehow I managed to wangle(?!) from topshop sale. Which btw was an absolute farce. I got an email to my phone about the sale. So ofc headed straight in and managed to pick up a few nice bits; But I couldn't get online that night because my friend's internet was so crappy. So I raced home in the morning before work to get on. I had 3 things in my basket and as I preceded to checkout. Each item disappeared and in the end I had nothing. BALLBAGS!

Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for this pictures. It was sunny after work today. So we went for a walk down country lanes. I kinda live in the country...not too country; but country enough.

Excited to go to Birmingham this week though.

Friday, 25 March 2011


top - primark(new)/ shorts - miss selfrigde/ boots - h&m/ bag - primark(new)

sticking to my budget thing and not spending over £10 on one item did manage to head down to the topshop sale. and buy a couple of things which are sure to be viewed soon. and managed to pick up this top. I don't normally like tie knot top as I don't really think they do anyone favours but i couldnt resist this print. So i coughed up.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011


bed jacket - thrift/ top - topshop/ ring - next/ creepalairs - thrift

I dont think it appropriate to apologise for my absence just because it may and most definitely will happen again. whos wants to read apologies anyway? I've been working so mainly my outfits consist of black. Here is today. going to visit an art gallery.

If you follow my twitter. I pledged in the week that I wasn't going to spend more than £10 on one item of clothing ad so far so good. I got this awesome vintage laura ashley velvet flock jacket thing lack week for an almighty £2.50. And yesterday I spotted these bright blue creeper-esque shoes for £5.00 so naturally I had to. Review so far haven't been areeable but I love them! Im not wearing them today but no harm in showing you ?So with my new iniative whether to detail the price of my clothes... suggestions please.

Also I ordered some virgin indian hair from ebay... its on now. installed the whole thing myself took about 7 hours from weave in to weave out. Also little fact I have never had my air done in the by anyone other my mum/self bar one relaxer/chemical burn.

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011


fake viva glam/ cassius - loreal/ pomengranate - revlon

other detail; mac studio fluid fix - nw45/ mac studio fix powder - nw45/ elf tone correcting concealer - toffee/ mac studio concealer - nw40/ elf 100 eye palette - brown/shimmer brown(for eyebrows and eyelid)/ loreal superliner- carbon/ collection 2000 skyscarper mascara - black/ sleek blush - sahara/ famous eyeshadow(highlight)- shade 1

Trying out 3 new lipsticks; fake mac from ebay and two lipsticks(revlon) that I bought it in poundland when I was feeling down. It funning the crappy bargain bin lipstick always seem to suit, they also come with a another colour called star pink which is bright pink (obv). I've never really found reds to suit me. But I really like this two.

me and the boys 1 year; I felt I need to make the effort.. you can tell me I look ridiulous

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


hat - ri/ jacket - h&m/ cardigan - thrift/ jeans - topshop/ glasses primark/ bag -matalan

It may look like this outfit was ill prepared and possibly even strewn togethers that because it was. Had one of those days. The today was to sit on asre and appply for jobs; but the interview I had two weeks ago; rang up and offered me the job. So I start saturday. wish me luck!

To celebrate I went to town and treated myself. will show you soon.

Also in the last 2 days; how much have I posted?



This is what at currently gracing my head day in day out. it is pretty much perfect. Although back when I was in London me and Sian did have a discussing abut being brown and wearing brown things, because you can look like a chocolate stick. call it throwing caution to the wind

Monday, 7 March 2011


bra/top -h&m

neon pink under sheer/fishtail

I've been thinking about recently about fashion and style the difference between the two and how I can tell. I think its important to have your own sense of self when it comes to fashion, otherwise the high street will eat you up with the must haves; you'll become a yuppie of the blogging world. So when I got out shopping I have a clear goal in my mind. I know my style; I know what works what doesn't, what I want to look like. Best sellers don't matter to me.

At that topic I'm currently compling my s/s wardrobe, I'll give you a clue. There shall be no 70's/ditsy/nautical print of any vibe. We'll move on from there.


turban = ebay/ shirt - thrift/ shorts - h&m(new)/ ring - primark

Well I've got a couple days of work, which means I have tasks to do! which include but are not limited too; tidying my room, ebaying, returning clothes, painting nails, washing my hair, baking goods, doing my eyebrows amongst others. So you can tell I've got a [pretty busy week....lolz. No really I miss my friends they are all about travelling. However I am planning to go interrailing in the summer so watch this space.

I've had it up to hear with this crappy camera. For reference I am an nw45, i look so washed out and grey, why are my golden undertones?... ahah! lost out on an 1000d to by £5 on ebay this morning and as my twitter will demonstrate I had rage!

So amongst my jobs, I will be trying to blog alot more. I always read blogs but I barely ever comments, So ill will hopefully try to that a bit more. Link me to some new blogs...