Wednesday, 23 March 2011


bed jacket - thrift/ top - topshop/ ring - next/ creepalairs - thrift

I dont think it appropriate to apologise for my absence just because it may and most definitely will happen again. whos wants to read apologies anyway? I've been working so mainly my outfits consist of black. Here is today. going to visit an art gallery.

If you follow my twitter. I pledged in the week that I wasn't going to spend more than £10 on one item of clothing ad so far so good. I got this awesome vintage laura ashley velvet flock jacket thing lack week for an almighty £2.50. And yesterday I spotted these bright blue creeper-esque shoes for £5.00 so naturally I had to. Review so far haven't been areeable but I love them! Im not wearing them today but no harm in showing you ?So with my new iniative whether to detail the price of my clothes... suggestions please.

Also I ordered some virgin indian hair from ebay... its on now. installed the whole thing myself took about 7 hours from weave in to weave out. Also little fact I have never had my air done in the by anyone other my mum/self bar one relaxer/chemical burn.

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  1. honestly I don't even know how you install your weave yourself that's actually amazing! The shoes are great, don't know if I could personally pull them off.

  2. i loathe u for being so self-sufficient lol....keep seeing those shoes just about everywhere! They remind me too much of mods/goths....a step too far for me i think lol

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  3. i love those shoes so cute !!!
    and that cardigan thingy is so yummy i love it looool . dont worry about being absent its always nicer to blog once in a while ( good posts ) then have a blogger who blogs boring stuff daily xoxo