Monday, 7 March 2011


bra/top -h&m

neon pink under sheer/fishtail

I've been thinking about recently about fashion and style the difference between the two and how I can tell. I think its important to have your own sense of self when it comes to fashion, otherwise the high street will eat you up with the must haves; you'll become a yuppie of the blogging world. So when I got out shopping I have a clear goal in my mind. I know my style; I know what works what doesn't, what I want to look like. Best sellers don't matter to me.

At that topic I'm currently compling my s/s wardrobe, I'll give you a clue. There shall be no 70's/ditsy/nautical print of any vibe. We'll move on from there.

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  1. i was waiting to see this bra (in the least perverse way)... you're right it definitely works x