Saturday, 22 January 2011

unite and take over

ornate stone chandelier - £18.50/ long spike - £6.50/ feather hoop - £12.50/ stone tear disc £8.50 all topshop

I haven't done a post last this in a while; but after seeing these how could I not. Sometimes I believe that accessories are the prefect way to update your outfit; because they wow. And that's exactly what I believe of the above. I'm all for gaudy over the top earrings; but I've lost all of mine! I may just be asking for a pair for v day.

Now I'm going out tonight so outfit post tomorrow as I'm currently in lounge pants and a hoodie(hot)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

neither particularly appeals to me.

coat - thrift/ hat - river island/ shirt - thrift/ ring - h&m/ belt - vintage/ shorts - miss selfridge

Somewhat picture heavy today but at least the quality is much better than yestreday offering.

This is a new shirt it's 90's newlook and I kinda love it. If you follow this blog you will know that i am a massive fun of leopard print. As testament to this, my boyfriend says that whenever we are in a shop of walking and I spy anything leopard print, I find that it is only duty to go and inspect. What can I say ? I'm trashy. But I can help it. I picked it up in my favourite charity shop when I went to town on Monday, it was only £1.25 as they were having a 1/2 price sale. Now what charity shop do you know that has a sale? I pick up 3 other garments which will be sure to make their way on this blog soon.

Plus basically I'm wearing summer clothes but with tights; I'm pretty sure I've done this all winter; but I'm struggling to envision my perfect summer shoes, atm I'm imagining rope heeled espardrille from primark (£3) I wanted some last summer but they were all out of my size..

Last pic to prove I do step outside and smile its not just hearsay, bf's garden.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

hold you

no outfit post today I'm afraid lietrally all I have done is tidied my room; watched films, and took pictures of clothes. Not even a scrap of make up has touched my face.
But i did want to show you this beautiful embroided vest my bf got me for christmas; it's stunning; but i haven't even worn it...

I am constantly tidied my room recent; I kind of like to leave a lil bit because it give me something to do next time! I'm a planner; but its a seriously intense task. I've been at it for 4 hours today and I've still got to put up that bloody wall art and repaint.

But at least I had a major wardrobe binge today; So I have slowly taken out the stuff I'm not gonna wear. Above is my wardrobe 1/3 full, thats because a 1/3 is downstairs in a massive washing basket waiting for fairy godmother (i kid) - i do all my washing myself; but not until i really need too... and the other 1/3 well is clean and in anotehr basket; because im gonna do a blog shop/sale! There are so many nice clothes which I never wear; so I'm gonna do one. I took some pictures today and itll probably live tomorrow morning.

p.s I downloaded firefox; because chrome is a ballache

Monday, 17 January 2011

nothing to me about my life

shirt - h&m/ shorts - red herring/ rings - primark, h&m, new look
Tried a new style in my hair today; swedish inspiration, just a plait either side, then pinned to the other and some fringe left out. So simple; but I like it. I had planned to wear vintage earrings with my hair like this but they are breaking :( so i am on the scout for new ones. I really want some dream catcher earring with massive feathers; I can dream.

Sick of this shirt but i really don't have loads of tops! but i do have about a billion shorts and trousuers. These are new I got them on saturday along with a pair of paperbaggers; they were only £7.50 down from £25; I still havent filled my shorts void. I really want some with a scalloped trim.

I am actually wearing orange eyeshadow from the palette my boyfriend bought me at christmas. Now off to reconile my life

this is my face

joy division tee - ebay

be yourself.

i will delete this post soon and resume with normal blogging; hello new followers!

face - studio fix fluid/nw45 - mac, studio fix powder/nw45 - mac, luminous pressed powder/LPP03 - sleek, studio fix concealer/nw40 - mac, tone correcting concealer/toffee - elf, blush/flushed - sleek

eyes - glam eyes eye liner/black - rimmel, falsies mascara/black - maybelinne

lips - gloss/apricot - soap&glory, lisptick - loreal

my roots..i relaxed less than three weeks ago.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

never been kissed

shirt - gift/ shorts - thrift

oh hello! I'm back. I acttually did manage to do a post this week; but it was shitty so i deleted it. After all you've got to proud of what you put out ? or do you ? this isnt my job so maybe I shouldn't SERIOUS.

Remember the shirt I posted last post ? well the shorts are just one of the accompanying garments and they also cost 25p! they were jeans so a bit of a diy. Ive got loads of clothes I never wear so I think I should set up at blog shop.

Major frustration at my laptop today its been crashing/freezeing BIG TIME. I think i need a mac.

just sayin...

Monday, 10 January 2011


top 25p jumble sale/ coat - thrift/ clutch - primark

Actually bought this blouse 3 months ago at a jumble sale for 25p; I told you I was classy. Though I love the cut out detail on the neck line- it also have billowy bell sleeves; I own a lot of shirts so rather then repeatedly buying the same thing it's important for something to be different, no ?

I find a prefer masculine/ clean/ styling; I'm no Calvin Klein; but I think that reflects my personality. Something a little harder. Its important to have your own style doesn't mean you can't follow trends but at when point your alter ego with have to rest... If not I find people end up fashion victims. Its not about carbon copies. I mean there is no I would wear a peter pan collar. Honestly I will look like I'm playing dress up; it doesn't mean I don't like them it's mean they don't suit and me, and that is probably because they are not my style.

inspire me; how was your weekend?
I bought some new stuff

dress - topshop/ cluthes - primark/ notebook - tk maxx/ purse - primark

The dress is from topshop is real silk and cost me £15 down from £50; probably because no one was buying it! It got such a loose fluid shape that somehow look perfect tailored it hangs in all the place. I wore it out on Saturday night; at first I though belt. Then I thought FUCK DA WAISTBELTS. I admit it does look like a hard colour to wear but its the most insane insane neon pink; perfect.

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Thursday, 6 January 2011

lights on

kimono jacket - matalan/ joy division tee - ebay/ jeans topshop/ lace up wedges - h&m/ gold cuff - miss selfridge

Not a particular well coordinated outfit but I wore it for one my friends birthday drinks, the kimono is new and bought in the sales. I kinda love it; it wasn't something I wanted prior but I just spotted and at £8 was a major bargain.


For the majority of just I think resolution will be hot on our minds and I've been thinking about my for a couple of days;

- READ. READ WELL AND FAR. this year I want to read at least 30 books, which on average should take me 1 1/2 weeks each. and that something I shall hopefully be documenting on my blog. Books can be so entertain, frightening, thought provoking and I haven't had that in while. But I do look forward to eat.

- TAKE BETTER CARE. of my self over. IT may be digusting but this starts with showering more. I think I have a slight phobia of getting we. I think generally since I've had more time on my hands this has happened; but there is even more pampering to come.

- TRY HARDER. at blogging of course. I had a little downtime during christmas because I work(curse) in retail. and Presently I still do but that doesn't mean this blog shall suffer. At least I can promise you one thing i will never borrow content. this isn't tumblr. this is blogger. I will comment more. DEAR 34 FOLLOWERS I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!

- LEARN. to drive; I'll be honest I only remembered this one yesterday whilst my friend was driving me about. This should really do; it presents at challenge to me and gives me something to work towards; I don't want this year to just slip away from me. Just because I'm not going travelling.

- VISIT my friends! the real ones. I already have a trip planned to Manchester for feb. I still need to go to cornwall; brighton and brum. which i will!

- LOSE. weight and hate. I'm not particularly on the larger side I just want to be a tidier; you cant fault me for that. I should use that gym membership ma mere is paying for. starting next week... weight is such a sensitive issue no ? I don't want to be angry or hate; it waste so much energy which probably isn't even felt by the other side.

So here I am wish me luck.

all change please

fur coat - matalan/ silk vest - next/ jeans - topshop/ hat - river island

Bar the hat everything is new and cheap. The jeans only cost £15, silk £8 and coat £20. Somtimes being cheap is good, exhilirating even.

I barely ever wear jewellery mainly because i find it such a labourious task putting on and then taking it off again. especially metal - its so cold! lazy?

I've noticed alot of people on the blogosphere dont wear jeans, i say they dont like the way they look in them. yes, they may arse look big... but I'm firming a jean, trousuers and shorts girl. Why I dont know. I just find that there is something so much cleaner about them. Skirts and dress make me feel like a little girl. Dont get me wrong there are some beautiful creations around but I dont feel like being 9 again. In fact im unsure as to whether bar for a post where ive been going out I've even worn as a dress..

This is what happens when I dont use make up brushes..

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


jumper - tesco/ caro pants - next/ ring - new look

still having the most stressy time at work and it just makes me feel like there is something about me which isn't appealing. something inherent to my character or persona or whatever which means people don't want to get to know me. you cant win them all but sometimes its so frustrating there is an impossible algorithm of cliques; and my favourite person is leaving tomorrow. In conclusion; I hate next.

I'm not always this morbid, I promise.

In other new cargo pants from next and I've finally washed my hair..
I did go shopping yesterday with a friend back from uni; bought stuff wish im sure to show you in due course and now on to the next one

Monday, 3 January 2011

i am a bike thief

sage/ lexi/ swallow/ wisteria

not so much a bike thief; but a shoes fiend and look at my new beauties/ some of them supposed to be early one year present from f but they were are in sales. TBH, I doubt he'll even pay me back but all is well ends well. and just look at them.

Today I have thinking so hard about myself and other people, who i am and where i want to be. It goods to think.

Apologies for the crap lighting; they were taken after I got back from work.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

as i inhale the fumes

cape - topshop/ crop vest - topshop/ plait bodycon - gift from mum/ tusk necklace - avon(years ago)

Don't worry I am no aerosol sniffer; but i'm totally in love with katy b Hope every one had a good new years and doesn't hurt too much today. I had work at 12.30pm and I haven' eaten since 11; on the plus side the diet in going well...

Just debuting yesterday's look; I love the sheerness of my cape/kimono and also eye shadow from a palette I received for Christmas.

I have some things to show you..