Sunday, 16 January 2011

never been kissed

shirt - gift/ shorts - thrift

oh hello! I'm back. I acttually did manage to do a post this week; but it was shitty so i deleted it. After all you've got to proud of what you put out ? or do you ? this isnt my job so maybe I shouldn't SERIOUS.

Remember the shirt I posted last post ? well the shorts are just one of the accompanying garments and they also cost 25p! they were jeans so a bit of a diy. Ive got loads of clothes I never wear so I think I should set up at blog shop.

Major frustration at my laptop today its been crashing/freezeing BIG TIME. I think i need a mac.

just sayin...


  1. I agree! Definitely have to be proud of what you put out! I deleted a few posts last wekk :/ sometimes analyzing your work is key.

    Love the post.

  2. Your sooo pretty... You always get such good bargains, if I did I would shop everyday...x

  3. Hey, I really love your makeup here! Which foundation do you use?
    Looking forward to your blog shop!