Thursday, 6 January 2011

all change please

fur coat - matalan/ silk vest - next/ jeans - topshop/ hat - river island

Bar the hat everything is new and cheap. The jeans only cost £15, silk £8 and coat £20. Somtimes being cheap is good, exhilirating even.

I barely ever wear jewellery mainly because i find it such a labourious task putting on and then taking it off again. especially metal - its so cold! lazy?

I've noticed alot of people on the blogosphere dont wear jeans, i say they dont like the way they look in them. yes, they may arse look big... but I'm firming a jean, trousuers and shorts girl. Why I dont know. I just find that there is something so much cleaner about them. Skirts and dress make me feel like a little girl. Dont get me wrong there are some beautiful creations around but I dont feel like being 9 again. In fact im unsure as to whether bar for a post where ive been going out I've even worn as a dress..

This is what happens when I dont use make up brushes..


  1. Shorts are so comfortable I will agree with you on that! They've only recently become a discovery of mine though as at one point at college I had over 50 dresses, they have been cut down though.

    The hat is awesome, I really want a fur coat too!

    R x

  2. thanks for the comment! your hat is great!

  3. Lovelovelove that hat on you! My head is far too big for anything other than beanies!
    Great bargains there, the coat is gorgeous :)

  4. Just came across your blog...
    Love the look, looks a bit 70's inspired... I'm one those girls that harldy wears jeans, probably once a month, for the same reasons.
    You pull them off well, great legs.

  5. <3 your hat,suits you so well!

    @jeans/trousers; I'm pretty much the same. Just started wearing skirts and dresses last year,haha, never really liked them on me.


  6. you're lucky you have such great legs....jeans look fire-hott on you so i dont blame u for embracing them. Finding a pair that fit is a TASK and a half for me so i've steered clear for close to 3years now...WOW!

  7. Love the outfit. that coat is amazing. you have great style. I'm now following!

    xx Tess S.

  8. *sighs* you look so hot
    so lucky you look great in jeans

    now following

    estoy echandole un vistazo a tu tiendecita gustan muchas cosas!pero creo que me queda grande toodo :(