Thursday, 6 January 2011

lights on

kimono jacket - matalan/ joy division tee - ebay/ jeans topshop/ lace up wedges - h&m/ gold cuff - miss selfridge

Not a particular well coordinated outfit but I wore it for one my friends birthday drinks, the kimono is new and bought in the sales. I kinda love it; it wasn't something I wanted prior but I just spotted and at £8 was a major bargain.


For the majority of just I think resolution will be hot on our minds and I've been thinking about my for a couple of days;

- READ. READ WELL AND FAR. this year I want to read at least 30 books, which on average should take me 1 1/2 weeks each. and that something I shall hopefully be documenting on my blog. Books can be so entertain, frightening, thought provoking and I haven't had that in while. But I do look forward to eat.

- TAKE BETTER CARE. of my self over. IT may be digusting but this starts with showering more. I think I have a slight phobia of getting we. I think generally since I've had more time on my hands this has happened; but there is even more pampering to come.

- TRY HARDER. at blogging of course. I had a little downtime during christmas because I work(curse) in retail. and Presently I still do but that doesn't mean this blog shall suffer. At least I can promise you one thing i will never borrow content. this isn't tumblr. this is blogger. I will comment more. DEAR 34 FOLLOWERS I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!

- LEARN. to drive; I'll be honest I only remembered this one yesterday whilst my friend was driving me about. This should really do; it presents at challenge to me and gives me something to work towards; I don't want this year to just slip away from me. Just because I'm not going travelling.

- VISIT my friends! the real ones. I already have a trip planned to Manchester for feb. I still need to go to cornwall; brighton and brum. which i will!

- LOSE. weight and hate. I'm not particularly on the larger side I just want to be a tidier; you cant fault me for that. I should use that gym membership ma mere is paying for. starting next week... weight is such a sensitive issue no ? I don't want to be angry or hate; it waste so much energy which probably isn't even felt by the other side.

So here I am wish me luck.


  1. Happy New Year!!
    Yer I really wanna learn how to drive and get my license too!! Dont wanna come back to london and be stuck with school kids on tfl...not the dream at ALL!
    Really wanna embrace leisurely reading too...need to get the brain fizzing like it used to again :)

    Goodluck with yours hun xx

  2. Great kimono, I love it! Saw a similar one in Topshop and it was way more expensive, so great find! Brilliant set of resolutions too, I want to read more, loose weight, improve the blog etc so here's to both of us succeeding =)

    Hannah xx

  3. amazing outfit. great resolutions!

    xx Tess S.

  4. i absolutely love your outfit! wish i could look as good as you in jeans ;)
    and jesus we have the same resolutions!

  5. LOVE! the kimono.I think i agree with the take better care of yourself reolution.Now i think ill make it mine as well.

  6. i hope you don't hate me for this but i am finding myself peeking at your blog more than i thought i would, get a bloglovin' so i can follow you! :) xx

  7. and no you don't have to follow me in return haha

  8. Cute jacket! Hope you succeed in your resolutions!


  9. love your outfit!xx