Tuesday, 30 November 2010

if you must go to work tomorrow..

faux fur - thrift/ jumper - tesco/ jeans - primark/ boots tesco

think knitwear. think rodarte. think sid. think topshop. and think.... tesco

That's wear this beauty of a jumper comes from, different colours; different textures, different proportions; cobweb knit; could you ask for more ?

I saw it on my lunch break from work, then I had chips in the cafe alone (shine a light), and then after work I came and conquered much to the annoyance of my bf. 16 pounds spent well. Whilst there I saw many other nice things; heeled hiking boots; lace up wedges; cobweb cardigans; floral and leo print harems, round every corner I was able to find some I covet and in the coming weeks I think i'll be sure to pick up some item. Three weeks ago I was in desperate need of boots. We all know how desperatation feels, so I picked up these boots or a mere £18.

otherwise; my boyfriend was kind enough to take these pictures, and yes it is still winter...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

keats and yates are on your side

t shirt - zara/ hoody - h&m/ parka - topshop/ hat - h&m/ scarf - zara/ leggings - prinark


LOL@ looking miserable and having awful hair

Thursday, 25 November 2010

it's too close to home and it's too near the bone

scarf - zara/ t shirt - stolen from a friend/ skirt - topshop/ leather jacket - h&m/ socks - primark/ bag - zara

Park the car at the side of the road
You should know
Time's tide will smother you
And I will too
When you laugh about people who feel so
Very lonely
Their only desire is to die
Well, I'm afraid
It doesn't make me smile
I wish I could laugh

This the first time I've worn a skirt in the blog, I no longer them often. Its an old skirt, but it remind me of mcqueen because of the exoskeleton pattern. fitting if my current mood. I'm tempted to delete older posts , I'm trying to form some sort of continuity. It's important to express yourself.

Thought I'd try a nice style of photo; dark and shaky. ahah my sister took them, she's 9 and the cameras a bit heavy for her, we'll see.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

ive seen it happen in other people's lives

hat - river island/ shirt - h&M/ shorts - thrift/ shoes - primark

and now its happening to mine

I'm gettig so bored of staying at home all the time, I cannot wait to start at Next on Saturday, although Im slightly apprehensive; what if im shit ? wha if people dont like me ? what if i trip and fall down the stairs? Because people, question have got to be asked, but dont worry Im adminstering myself some type of cognitive therapy

Delivery can be so frustrating Im currently waiting on a face mask I bought from ebay a months ago... and Make up i bought from Sleek two weeks ago now, when they had that 50% sale...

god my hair is awful! I have to wait another 3 weeks to get it done

Monday, 22 November 2010

hang the dj

Knitted dress - Primark £5 / Velvet leggings - Primark £3 / Nude kitten heels - Primark £4/ Over the knee sock - Primark £2.50 / Tights - Primark £2.50 / Orange lip gloss - Primark 50p / Purple eyepencil - Primark £2.00 / Black wool fedora - River Island £4.99 / Studio fix fluid NW45/Studio fix concealerNW40 - Mac

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to oxford, unfortunately I forgot my SD card in my laptop (smarty pants), so I couldnt take any pictures; but I'be had such a nice day, infact I've had such a nice weekend.

Dont look at me like that! Nude...Patent...Kitten heels, I don't know what wrong with me but i love them, they look so ugly they're brilliant and as I told my boyfriend I will wear them anywhere and everywhere!

Truth be told i didnt actually pay for the leggings and dress, not because I'm a tea - leaf, but because the cashier didn't them, I did think it was cheap, but didn't actually check the receipt till I had left the store, oh well. And the hat was so cheap because they mistakenly put at £15 off sticker on it when it was only meant to be £10 off, but I'm not complaining...

My boyfriend was nice enough to buy to the foundation and concealer for me...too nice; I start my induction at Next in 2 hours and I haven't even showered yet.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Saturday, 20 November 2010

hand it over

top - topshop(borrowed)/ shorts - thrift

I took these yesterday to show you this amazing top, I borrowed it from a friend with an AMAZING wardrobe, and you know what? she hadn't even worn it just, i thought it was gorgeous, i love the embellishment and the bugle bead detailing it amazing. I need my own!

I mentioned a coule of weeks ago I went to a jumble sale, these shorts are just part of the fruit of my labour they were diyed from trousers, but even still, they were only 25p. I managed to get some in white and blue denim. All whilst the bf sat in the car, dont worry I tell my self it better that way..

I finally have some pictures of my room but today I'm off to see Harry Potter!

Friday, 19 November 2010

bang, bang, bang

necklace - new look con/ top - topshop/ jeans - topshop/ faux fur - thrift/ boots - tesco

The top is all I got from the last Topshop, its khaki and comfortable. needs must. Plus i just couldn't find anything nice. This is a necklace i bought with all from the last post; it was only £2, ive been wearing it quite alot, it has black ribbons so its a bib necklace. I look crazy...

I took this last night before I went to see my boyfriend, and then go to the gym, im turning into a pudding. An actual pudding, so I'm trying to get fitter so I'm less pudding like. Which means more gymming and more walking and may even include a lower rate of consumption. I promise nothing.

So really I should have posted these last night but I went to bed at like 10. Yeah, I know. But whilst I'm writing this I really should be filling in personal details - I got a job at Next and this has to be in this morning;
finding suitable recipes - my boyfriend and I are cooking dinner for his parents tonights; locating room inspiration - my boyfriend moves into a house in 2 weeks times, so we are decorating and going to Ikea this afternoon. All in the next hour, excuse the pun.

enjoy your day

Thursday, 18 November 2010

losing control...

earrings - vintage £1/ ring - new look con£1/ earrings - tammygirl £1/ necklace - new look con £2

Finally a post ! just wanted to show you all jewellery this week. Sometimes I look boring so jewellery is key. It is imperative I buy it cheap, because I look everything! This were all bought on sale. I bought the past week. I seem to be in love with crosses at the moment and silver.
The necklace reminds me of prada glory..

I finally got my hair done again, apologies it looks crap, I haven't straightened my leave out, i rarely do. Heat = hair damage, im giving in to the hype.

Last night I went to a frock swap at an old people's home with my bf's mum, it was good I went with 5 items and came back with 11 but I'll update on some of those later. The earrings are from there and i fell in love, they are glorious tacky and the blue beads and silver marry perfectly. The cardigan is from there to, its a warm aubergine and matches my nail colour.... which is only on one hand..

Saturday, 13 November 2010

still ill

I started this post to explain the reasons as why to I started blogging, take no digs, and if you do well, unfortunate. I've been following blogs for so long now, probably coming on 2/3 years now; I accidentally discovered, probably through google, and I became enamoured with them, I didn't start a blog straight, but constantly googled/bookmarked the ones I fell in love with, or even the ones I just found interesting. I wish I started this blog a bit earlier as it wouldve be nice to see how I've evolved.

A blog to me represents expression and understanding. I didnt make this blog so I could become famous, I made it because i wholeheartedly love style. fashion is something changes and style is constant, it may appear in different forms , but it will still give you that exuberant, almost envious feeling. It is inspirational, and that why sometimes I feel frustrated when someone says I'm following you, follow me ? I don't follow because you ask me, I follow because I'm genuinely inspired by you. So far, I have followed back though. why? because I would not be so rude in life I feel not the need to be on the internet. If someone leaves me a comment I will reply, its only polite. I understand that the commenting system is flawed so I get email alerts to my bb and it always put a smile on my face when I receive a comment so thank you!

I don't really follow the big, big blogs, or at least I don't subscribe to them, nothing against them they've worked hard to achieve such phenomenal status in the blogging world, but I genuinely enjoys the blogs of girls like me. ordinary girl, how faux elitist do I sound? but I believe there is a different between inspire and aspire - don't quote me on that. Take for example Alexa Chung is aspirational, but Lily, of LLYMLRS is inspirational, you can relate, you how you could achieve such a look. Its not about being a carbon copy, it about being comfortable in your own skin/attires and not trying to be someone else. please remember this is only my opinion.

I tell my mother my blog is private yet I am to share the rest of the interweb, its because whilst I can show you my face my name I can still remain invisible/anonymous. You don't know what ii had for breakfast, my schooling history, what I am like in a mood, you can ask but unless you know me you may not be able to garner a full picture. When you want to be yourself, sometimes anonymity is key. I've always found it hard to express this in real life when I was younger. I always been very good academically( a major ugly duckling!), creative too but more on the academic side. I was told to go to academia so I would have a fall back for fashion. Understandable, but sometimes I wish I've had the confidence to take a chance and not to so painfully shy about some things. A blog provide the perfect platform to alleviate some of this.

Plus I've treated you to capital letters I so know how to use them I just chose not to...

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

sweetness, i was joking

Anna Karina printed tee, embellished crop tops, leo anything leo mainly the crop trop, more printed tees, boxy mustard cardigan, gem focused rings, the party dress, Grecian? Lurex? Tell me no. camel military shirts, more skinny boxes, sheer shirt, and the formidable cross tee. All asos.

In other and more exciting news I have three job interviews lined up, next, sainsburys and waterstones, after a spurt of optimism and proactivess on Monday wish me luck! I just need to money to buy stuff.

I havent posted any pictures recently because my camera ran out of battery, so i went to poundland yesterday and picked up 12 batteries, with 5 shots i needed to change the batteries! needless to say not happy but i guess thats whats happen when you go to poundland. quality isn't the priority.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

common sense

just a selection of pictures from this week,

- something i wore on monday
- proof that bf is more interested in the phone than me, and is chav..
- chocolate cupcakes (i really need to work on icing)
- what i wore out last night(minus the earrings plus necklaces)
- getting ready
- look at that growth! need to sort out the weave
- bf's pretty cat, im becoming a cat lady.
- fooling around
- the beginning of that bad curry
- a dress i was going wear
- and just for you my face, ive some bad/funny pictures that maybe one day ill share with you

last night antics mean im a bit nauseas, my fault really, crept into the over 21's club, and may have or may not have danced a pole, its so much better, less serious, less hoeish and there is a pole

youve got to admit its a bit funny my room is such a mess, my mum always, you go out look put together, if only people could see your room! well yes, now they can..