Sunday, 7 November 2010

common sense

just a selection of pictures from this week,

- something i wore on monday
- proof that bf is more interested in the phone than me, and is chav..
- chocolate cupcakes (i really need to work on icing)
- what i wore out last night(minus the earrings plus necklaces)
- getting ready
- look at that growth! need to sort out the weave
- bf's pretty cat, im becoming a cat lady.
- fooling around
- the beginning of that bad curry
- a dress i was going wear
- and just for you my face, ive some bad/funny pictures that maybe one day ill share with you

last night antics mean im a bit nauseas, my fault really, crept into the over 21's club, and may have or may not have danced a pole, its so much better, less serious, less hoeish and there is a pole

youve got to admit its a bit funny my room is such a mess, my mum always, you go out look put together, if only people could see your room! well yes, now they can..


  1. a very student week in pictures :)

  2. Those peacock earrings are gorgeous!
    And thats a cuuuute cat :)

  3. the kitty is so cute! Love the dress you were going to wear xx

  4. yemi the earrings are the best thing ever xx

  5. love the pics and ow weird i made those cupcakes in the post below yesterday xxxx