Saturday, 13 November 2010

still ill

I started this post to explain the reasons as why to I started blogging, take no digs, and if you do well, unfortunate. I've been following blogs for so long now, probably coming on 2/3 years now; I accidentally discovered, probably through google, and I became enamoured with them, I didn't start a blog straight, but constantly googled/bookmarked the ones I fell in love with, or even the ones I just found interesting. I wish I started this blog a bit earlier as it wouldve be nice to see how I've evolved.

A blog to me represents expression and understanding. I didnt make this blog so I could become famous, I made it because i wholeheartedly love style. fashion is something changes and style is constant, it may appear in different forms , but it will still give you that exuberant, almost envious feeling. It is inspirational, and that why sometimes I feel frustrated when someone says I'm following you, follow me ? I don't follow because you ask me, I follow because I'm genuinely inspired by you. So far, I have followed back though. why? because I would not be so rude in life I feel not the need to be on the internet. If someone leaves me a comment I will reply, its only polite. I understand that the commenting system is flawed so I get email alerts to my bb and it always put a smile on my face when I receive a comment so thank you!

I don't really follow the big, big blogs, or at least I don't subscribe to them, nothing against them they've worked hard to achieve such phenomenal status in the blogging world, but I genuinely enjoys the blogs of girls like me. ordinary girl, how faux elitist do I sound? but I believe there is a different between inspire and aspire - don't quote me on that. Take for example Alexa Chung is aspirational, but Lily, of LLYMLRS is inspirational, you can relate, you how you could achieve such a look. Its not about being a carbon copy, it about being comfortable in your own skin/attires and not trying to be someone else. please remember this is only my opinion.

I tell my mother my blog is private yet I am to share the rest of the interweb, its because whilst I can show you my face my name I can still remain invisible/anonymous. You don't know what ii had for breakfast, my schooling history, what I am like in a mood, you can ask but unless you know me you may not be able to garner a full picture. When you want to be yourself, sometimes anonymity is key. I've always found it hard to express this in real life when I was younger. I always been very good academically( a major ugly duckling!), creative too but more on the academic side. I was told to go to academia so I would have a fall back for fashion. Understandable, but sometimes I wish I've had the confidence to take a chance and not to so painfully shy about some things. A blog provide the perfect platform to alleviate some of this.

Plus I've treated you to capital letters I so know how to use them I just chose not to...


  1. I started a blog when I didn't really have any idea of others blogs, and I wish I'd done it your way! I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning and my blog has evolved many times since.
    I too prefer smaller blogs, they just seem a little more accessible.

  2. Get well soon, and good luck with the blog.

  3. Love this post and totes agree with everything you've said. I too don't follow the bigger blogs and find the gems are the smaller, more personal postings of 'ordianry' girls. The comment system is totally flawed, it frustrates me no end, when people ask me to comment/follow back! The blogosphere is also quite a clique-y environment- it's sad.

    Hope you feel bettersoon my love, and new hair posts please!