Sunday, 27 February 2011

oh hun!

jacket - h&m / dress - topshop

just no...

fishtail plait, horrible cider, white dress. ignore the regrowth its been 2 weeks.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

just one of those days

hat - next/ jumper - tescos/ trousers - h&m

when you feel horrible!

I always wear this hat. this jumper is comfortable. and this trousers ust about fit me.
what happened in your day ?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

round midnight

dress - topshop/ hat - (charlie's diy)

Hey, this is how I spent valentines day me and my friend charlie cooked for each other, he's off travelling in 2 weeks, it was super sweet actually. He made me some Indonesian noodle dish and I made him apple stresuel, which he text me about devouring this morning.

Also wear THE topshop dress, really should have got some better pictures of it. My boyfriend bought it for me for valentines day, and if I say bought it for me - what I really mean is, after finding out that it was sold out online, that as soon as I got to london, I went to Oxford Circus at .8.45pm demanded to know where it is was. I had the sweats. serious.

If you're wondering why I didn't spend the day with my boyfriend, whose name is Liam btw, it's because he's busy skiing all week :( skiing is such a middle class thing; but then again so is blogging?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

i am a man with a heavy heart

fauxfur -oasis/ jeans - topshop/ tee - stolen

Though I'd keep this post short and sweet, and show you my new fur coat, there's 4 and counting, I don't care there summer is apparently coming, they are beautiful this one is from oasis and was an absolute steal at only £20. I know.

I've been think about adding a new dynamic to the blog. my videos, writing, but I want it to be good. Undecided as yet...

p.s someone tell me how to stop that blur

Monday, 7 February 2011

that anymore

tubran - ebay/ -leopard print cardigan - h&m/ sheer shirt - primark/ coat - thrift/ shorts - miss selfridge/ shoes - topshop

i've had a really nice weekend and just thought to so you a few pictures taken this weekend in ldn, where i attented a bloggers meet which cool and different luckyily i already knew sian, who's in the picture with me, she from the same town and I've never really spoke to her that much, but it was cool to hang out, oh how we shopped, but also spoke frankly about blog = a ling.

I borrowed my friend charlie's camera its an 1000d and look at the picture quality!
I have a stock load of pictures I want to show you, so I'll have to put on my editing superbrain and filter them out through the week.

Also the turban, looks better irl! and was only £3 from an ebay seller. puck you topshop+riverisland, seriously £12.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


hat - ri/ jumper - friends mum/ rings -next, friends.

Long time. No see.

But today i wanted to show you my best accomplishment of the year, my hair! I ordered some remi hair off ebay last week and it came in the post today so I took down my ham heads, sealed the wefts, relaxed my hair. cornrowed a pattern then sewed it on! altogther took about 5 hours. Now. It my not look the best but be proud of me. I SELF INSTALLED.... now to work on my blending technique. I am aware that not many people will have any idea what I'm talking about...

although earrings in my last post are out of stock :( but I've found the nicest dress which needs to be ordered asap

Ill be in london all week at this; what are you doing ?