Tuesday, 15 February 2011

round midnight

dress - topshop/ hat - (charlie's diy)

Hey, this is how I spent valentines day me and my friend charlie cooked for each other, he's off travelling in 2 weeks, it was super sweet actually. He made me some Indonesian noodle dish and I made him apple stresuel, which he text me about devouring this morning.

Also wear THE topshop dress, really should have got some better pictures of it. My boyfriend bought it for me for valentines day, and if I say bought it for me - what I really mean is, after finding out that it was sold out online, that as soon as I got to london, I went to Oxford Circus at .8.45pm demanded to know where it is was. I had the sweats. serious.

If you're wondering why I didn't spend the day with my boyfriend, whose name is Liam btw, it's because he's busy skiing all week :( skiing is such a middle class thing; but then again so is blogging?


  1. You look lovely in that picture, white suits you..x


  2. Strudel looks yummy! The dress looks beautiful on you xx♥

  3. your dress looks beautiful! x

  4. currently googling how to: apple strudel. the dress is good definitely worth the shoulder bruises x

  5. love the dress and the food

  6. You look more than gorgeous in that photo hun....awww! White really brightens up your face...you look so radiant here

    Xisses, Onyxsta