Thursday, 30 December 2010

i just want to dance

white tee - next/ cargo pants - next/ gold cuff - miss selfrigde

That's exactly feel, I just want to go out dancing, its so much fun, but I wont be for a long time :(. Missed my boyfriends Christmas party 2 weeks ago due to snow, and ordered a dress on asos which arrived yesterday, which means I have two unused dresses, gutted; but I will feature them soon. As well as some new additions to my room.

Above you see the fruits of the next sale, super baggy white; skinny cargo pants; don't call me boring I like it.

Hope everyone will have a fun night tomorrow.

Baby I just wanna dance; I don’t really care; I just wanna dance; I don’t really care… care… care

Sunday, 26 December 2010

shyness is nice

sheer kimino - topshop £35>£25 /black paper shorts - red herring £22>£11 /camel paper bag shorts -topshop - £35>£20 /skull scarf £12>£7 / bandeau top - topshop £6>£3 /gold cuff - miss selfridge £12>£6 /cross necklace £12.50>£6.25 /stone necklace - river island £14>£4

just a quick post as i have to be up at 4 tomorrow morning for work, and because of work i dont get to post as much:( the boy was supposed to take picture of me today but he got lazy and then it got too dark, so instead i treat with my sale bargins, its the only sale shoppoing I will get to do, due to work.

I actually exhanged a bracelet the boy got me for christmas for the cuff and cross necklace, still on the look out for s/s essentials.

p.s apologies for the dark nd murky lighting
p.p.s i hate next

Saturday, 25 December 2010

winter winds

sheer shirt - gift(mum)/ studded cuff - gift(mum)

Work has been well, plentiful. and by plentiful I mean I've been there everyday this week, on Christmas eve to 7, preparing for next sale! However did reserve some nice things, which hopefully I'll get to show you soon, but I've got to much work next week, including starting the sale as 5AM! ON Monday morning. I have got some really nice things that I've brought in the sale so far.

I just wanted to show you on my present that my lovely boyfriend got me, he knows that I have sweet tooth. OK maybe more than a sweet tooth. This shirt is perfect, it sheer, has a dip back hem and blush pinks, I'm picking my summer colours already.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

dont you forget about me

cardigan - tk maxx/ t shirt - topshop/ necklace - accesorize/ trousers - lovelabel:ebay

badly applied make up, crap lighting and washed out face; dont say I dont treat you

has anyone watched that MTV show if you really need knew ? I watched it today and I will admit I cried, Often there is much hurt and pain in people's lives and its a struggle or them to express and deal with. Sometimes the ones around you want to ignore this, or are too wrapped up in there own lives. Its painful to know that some people feel so trapped, they may not have a forum to express themselves, but at look morrisey wrote

If so easy to laugh
its so easier to hate
it takes strength to gentle and kind
over, over, over and over

People can be so horrible and so cruel, but there really isnt need

Monday, 13 December 2010


hat - river island/ t shirt - primark/ leather short - thrift diy/ earrings - ebay/ flowers

I bought leather trousers a while ago, like right back when I started this blog, before then even, i diy'ed a month ago and this is the first I've actually worn them. they cost £2.50! There were black leathers and brown I went for brown, and I like the way they contrast with the teal peacock. Truth be told, im only fitting into these now, this is what happens when you dont go to the gym.

I understand my room is a tip, but technically I'm still young so there! but I've been working..

How lovely are the flowers ? My wonderful boyfriend bought them for me; for our nine months.

red red wine

dress - h&m

I'm a red dress type of girl

Friday, 10 December 2010

typical me, typical me, I started something..

sequin top - ebay/ faux leather - ebay

I'm thinking I really need to use my twitter it'll be my outlet of blitherings. last week I was so angry (actual rage) because I missed out on a gorgeous sequin top from topshop, by 50p! in the last 20 seconds, but I didn't let it deter mine, and went ebaying about, and found this but now I must top and faux leather. For now I must dash...

- more posts to come in the following days; work permitting.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


work uniform/ new stuff; velvet dress - new look £5/ beaded vest - thrift £2.50/ lace up wedges - h&m £25/ fishnet tights - bodycare/ holographic nail polish - gosh £5/ elizabeth arden gel liner - tkmaxx £5/ loreal lipstick x3 - tkmaxx £7.99/ carrot cake muffins

Worry not, I'm still alive; I've been working at next, baking, buying and just the other regular crap.

fishnets are not wrong, its just too cold to wear them.. or go outside. I wore these wedges out on Saturday night and my toes were much for 3 days after, but I still love them.