Thursday, 16 December 2010

dont you forget about me

cardigan - tk maxx/ t shirt - topshop/ necklace - accesorize/ trousers - lovelabel:ebay

badly applied make up, crap lighting and washed out face; dont say I dont treat you

has anyone watched that MTV show if you really need knew ? I watched it today and I will admit I cried, Often there is much hurt and pain in people's lives and its a struggle or them to express and deal with. Sometimes the ones around you want to ignore this, or are too wrapped up in there own lives. Its painful to know that some people feel so trapped, they may not have a forum to express themselves, but at look morrisey wrote

If so easy to laugh
its so easier to hate
it takes strength to gentle and kind
over, over, over and over

People can be so horrible and so cruel, but there really isnt need


  1. I'm in love with your leather pants!!! they give me life!
    & your makeup looks fine-- nice and natural.

    you are absolutely right about the minimum effort that it would take for people to not be so cruel or mean... For some people its much easier to be hateful and self absorbed than to be kind. its really wack.


  2. Those leather trousers are lovely, I like the cardi too =D

  3. oh the trousers and that cardi - love love xxx

  4. ive watched that show once and i cried too! its a great show i think.

  5. completely agree, people are horrible for absolutely no reason! On a lighter note, your jumper is really pretty ++ love that necklace :)
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  6. Love the pants, missy. Very stylish you are ;)

  7. I want that cardigan! :)

  8. Great cardigan!!!!xxx