Friday, 19 November 2010

bang, bang, bang

necklace - new look con/ top - topshop/ jeans - topshop/ faux fur - thrift/ boots - tesco

The top is all I got from the last Topshop, its khaki and comfortable. needs must. Plus i just couldn't find anything nice. This is a necklace i bought with all from the last post; it was only £2, ive been wearing it quite alot, it has black ribbons so its a bib necklace. I look crazy...

I took this last night before I went to see my boyfriend, and then go to the gym, im turning into a pudding. An actual pudding, so I'm trying to get fitter so I'm less pudding like. Which means more gymming and more walking and may even include a lower rate of consumption. I promise nothing.

So really I should have posted these last night but I went to bed at like 10. Yeah, I know. But whilst I'm writing this I really should be filling in personal details - I got a job at Next and this has to be in this morning;
finding suitable recipes - my boyfriend and I are cooking dinner for his parents tonights; locating room inspiration - my boyfriend moves into a house in 2 weeks times, so we are decorating and going to Ikea this afternoon. All in the next hour, excuse the pun.

enjoy your day


  1. We're jealous of your fur jacket... it looks so warm x

  2. love the thrifted fur...makes me want to start wearing mine again...but im selling it :(
    you have lovely hair...annnd your a fellow Nigerian :)

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