Monday, 1 November 2010

if you don't love yourself

then no one will love you, feeling a bit down today, so i braced myself and did what any other human would do, avoided mirrors and went shopping, not clothes shopping i always feel like clothes shopping makes you feel worse well me at least. so i decided i need to pampered, and taken inspiration from stephanie , treat myself to blushes. So rightly and cheaply so i went on about it..

exflotiating gloves - 79p
pretty polly lockin leg moisture oil - 69p
pretty polly nourishing leg shaving butter - 69p
cuticura cucumber facial scrub - 99p
scrubilious vanilla and cocoa body scrub - 99p
sleek blush in pomegranate - £3.99
sleek blush in flushed - £3.99
skin moisturizer - 49p
satay mix(essential) £1.50.. im planning a meal!

As soon as got home, i hotfotted it to the shower, feeling slightly better, going out to see a friend later on ...

in our news im seriously comtemplating a self help/confidence book(reading one/not writing!), and im beginning to hate the fact my boyfriend reads this!


  1. woooo! Pampering for the win!! ^_^

    What sort of confidence book are you considering?? If you need any recommendations hit me up!


  2. I kmow that feeling but, im glad you were able to do a little bit of pampering to help you.