Wednesday, 5 January 2011


jumper - tesco/ caro pants - next/ ring - new look

still having the most stressy time at work and it just makes me feel like there is something about me which isn't appealing. something inherent to my character or persona or whatever which means people don't want to get to know me. you cant win them all but sometimes its so frustrating there is an impossible algorithm of cliques; and my favourite person is leaving tomorrow. In conclusion; I hate next.

I'm not always this morbid, I promise.

In other new cargo pants from next and I've finally washed my hair..
I did go shopping yesterday with a friend back from uni; bought stuff wish im sure to show you in due course and now on to the next one


  1. I love the jumper, it really suits you!


  2. this is amazing! I thought it was river island/topshop when I saw it.Well done tesco.
    it really suits you, you look great

  3. I love this!
    You are seriously rocking that jumper =)

  4. LOVE the jumper!! :o

    need to take a lil trip to my local tesco with my daddy's clubcard it seems :)