Tuesday, 18 January 2011

hold you

no outfit post today I'm afraid lietrally all I have done is tidied my room; watched films, and took pictures of clothes. Not even a scrap of make up has touched my face.
But i did want to show you this beautiful embroided vest my bf got me for christmas; it's stunning; but i haven't even worn it...

I am constantly tidied my room recent; I kind of like to leave a lil bit because it give me something to do next time! I'm a planner; but its a seriously intense task. I've been at it for 4 hours today and I've still got to put up that bloody wall art and repaint.

But at least I had a major wardrobe binge today; So I have slowly taken out the stuff I'm not gonna wear. Above is my wardrobe 1/3 full, thats because a 1/3 is downstairs in a massive washing basket waiting for fairy godmother (i kid) - i do all my washing myself; but not until i really need too... and the other 1/3 well is clean and in anotehr basket; because im gonna do a blog shop/sale! There are so many nice clothes which I never wear; so I'm gonna do one. I took some pictures today and itll probably live tomorrow morning.

p.s I downloaded firefox; because chrome is a ballache


  1. It is a beautiful vest! Looks to be a very versatile piece, so I'm curious what you'll do with it. Sweet though! A blog sale. I think I'll be in for a treat. Happy Cleaning, lol.

  2. ooh exciting can't wait for the blogsale...x

  3. ohh how exciting. I love blog sales.
    I also really love this post, personal ones are my favouriteeee. I love your wall art! It's lovely.

  4. yay a blog shop !
    cant wait for that - clearly i will be back on here tomorrow - haaa
    x x

  5. I love the vesT!!!
    you also have an amazing closet. I love all the prints and different item!


  6. loving the top!!!
    Aww thats so sweet that your bf bought it, how long you been together?

    ahaha I should really start tidying my room too :/
    I cant actually see the floor at the moment looool x