Sunday, 27 March 2011


hat - next/ jacket - h&m/ cropped tee - topshop/ shorts - debs/ shoe - primark

New hat from next £10! Although I may be spending I'm still kinda keeping to my pledge. This is a new tee which somehow I managed to wangle(?!) from topshop sale. Which btw was an absolute farce. I got an email to my phone about the sale. So ofc headed straight in and managed to pick up a few nice bits; But I couldn't get online that night because my friend's internet was so crappy. So I raced home in the morning before work to get on. I had 3 things in my basket and as I preceded to checkout. Each item disappeared and in the end I had nothing. BALLBAGS!

Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for this pictures. It was sunny after work today. So we went for a walk down country lanes. I kinda live in the country...not too country; but country enough.

Excited to go to Birmingham this week though.


  1. Awwwh you look lovely, the hat is great! My parents live in the country and its so good going back home to see them :)

    R x

  2. love the outfit !!! and the hat is so cute xoxo

  3. i really like these phjotos! :) i like what you're wearing :)

    hope you'll visit/follow

  4. great look

  5. Love your hat... I want it!