Thursday, 7 October 2010

every cloud has a silver lining

Since deciding not to uni, my next project has been to decorate my room..

The uni story is bittersweet really but i no longer feel upset about it... I originally applied to birmingham uni to study law, my predictions were AAB and i need AAA, so when they gave me a conditional offer i was overjoyed, i had to do a entry test lnat, in which i scored above average (always a good'm). So far so good but come 19th August.......results were A*ABb and so birmingham was not for me, and so onto the insurance choice Sussex. However as an insurance applicant i wasnt offered student housing and i had so much trouble finding anywhere else to live so i decided to defer, and here i am. trying to blog. For the record i studied Business Studies, Psychology, English lit and lang and philosophy. oh well



  1. God I need a bedroom like the one in the second picture.
    Great blog my friend.

  2. sorry to hear about uni dear, i'm sure it will work out for the best and you'll enjoy the year off!
    I wish my room looked like the first one- so pretty! xx

  3. maybe I should remodel my room on my free time. Love all these images. So fresh!

  4. well sad about uni... hope decorating will fix your mood.