Wednesday, 16 November 2011

no doubt

hat £2.00/ dress £2.00

Thank you to St. Vincents (local Brighton charity shop, for your beautiful wares and low prices without you, my head would just be a head and now it is a head with hat, I actually took this from the window display, its massive, which is good, because although it can't reach my heart it will keep my head super warm. And also to British Red cross, where all clothes is £1.99 This dress is perfect its so slinky and soft and skims my not so perfect bits, it got a cowl neck but to avoid look to much like a mum (we all know what I mean) I'm wearing it back to front . If there's one thing to be garnered its that I hate overpriced charity.

Everything I wear now is accompanied by my black DMs, they are they most selfish of shoes they're quite ugly and refuse to let any other accompany me, I tried to give a stern talking to but they simply look the other way. I bought them on eBay used for a BIN £35 over 2/3 months ago, which I Thought was quite reasonable, I hadn't tried them on before so I guess its just lucky we fell in love. They unsexify every outfit, and they are all I wear when I go out. out out, you know ? I feel nothing through them and I break toes. Funny such a long paragraph about something not even pictured.

p.s i will work on rubbing my concealer, no promises though


  1. I wish my local charity shop was half as good as yours. I rarely come across good finds like you do.
    Love the hair. Love the make up.
    Strut Mode

  2. You're so pretty and this dress is gorgeous, great idea to wear it back to front. All your tops in the background look amazing too!

  3. wit woooo you look so good! miss ya, come visit me soon!

  4. Your face, your hair... THAT HAT!


  5. loving the outfit , and your eyebrows are amazing !!! do you fill them in or something ? xoxo

  6. looooove that dress...and miss brighton, so i can't wait to be back this december!!!

  7. I've actually never bought brand new docs in my life, my first black pair i found randomly i a charity shops window display when i was lost in Hove, it was raining and i was wearing my open toes spiked heels so my toes where freeeezzzing.
    so I'm walking around all dazed and confused and i see them, i walk in and look at them and there like 6 pounds dude and i wasn't sure they where the real deal, or PRICE, ask the nice old ladies in there and they assured me they where real and that was honestly the price of them...i almost died so i paid for them and put them right thing ever.
    my union jack once my mom found in a charity store while i was at uni, she recognised the design and how much i loved docs so he bought them for me at 10 pounds!!!! can u believe that!. the only once i did actually buy at a store was my navy blue once and the store was going out of business so i got those for 35 pounds, but during a house party some drunk chic stole them....pissed me of seeing as i let her crash in my room cuz she wasn't feeling well...oh well at least she just stole one pair and not any of my insanely expensive shoes i mean she could have had her pic...i can thank god that she had bad taste :)

  8. love all the tops in the background! look so cute! xxx