Sunday, 7 August 2011


top/short/bag - thrift/ hat - h&m

These shorts are a new find( v isabel marantish?) and should be really part of the brights powers post, they were from my fav charity and cost £1.35; well actually they were trousers which I diy'ed and the new backpack which I have wanted for ages, I bought this morning a carbooty, (yes i like to call it that) for an english pound, I am a right bargain hunter.

The hat is an early(by a month and a week!) b'day present from friend nathan.


  1. this looks like such a cute location

  2. Those shorts look really cool, love the color. Nice outfit as a whole :)

  3. you look gorgeous, haven't been on ya blog for a while so thought I'd update myself :)
    loving the colour of the shorts *continues to scroll down in a non stalkerish way* hehe xx