Thursday, 14 July 2011


jacket- h&m/ dress - h&m/ shoes - dr martens

There is not such thing as a photographic overloads, im wearing this new banana print dress, that i bought today, i saw it about a month ago in my local h&m but made the mistake of not buying it, but i spied it today the last one, and vengeance in now mine :)

Im currently in the process of a little of sorting out life, a little bit left like the SLC(?!), joining the gym and replying to letters.

I also hate this hair, its looks messy already and i pretty much always wear it up but hmph; have to wait to the end of the month im think 10, 12, 14 and the elusive invisible part, which my mum may tackle. until then.


  1. I love the print of this dress, and the boots look amazing with it. Love this look!

  2. urgh its sucks that you don't like the braids, I was thinking of getting some. But would love to see the new hair as well!

  3. I love your dress. it looks good. I think if I see it at h&m I'm totally going to get one!!

    You hair loos a bit messy but the messyness(?) make it looks special.. I like it and it fits good with your look. sometimes clean hair don't match with all styles/looks.
    XOXO, Claudia Tracy

  4. Love the Banana print on the dress reminds me of Prada. x

  5. cute dress..was thinking of going down the braid route but dunno..really suits you..