Sunday, 31 July 2011


top - warehouse/ skirt- h&m/ glasses - primark

This is my 101th post, my next post with probably, most likely have a giveaway on it.

THE IMPORTANT bit of this post is that i am making, yes making jewellery, I've been at it for a couple of weeks now, and I really like (well of course i would)what i am been making, and only hope you do to, every thing will be priced under &7, its all handmade, and will making feature earrings. I just hope you guys like it. The earrings in this photo i made too.


  1. love the earrings! you should set up an Etsy account for them as well


  2. Really love your top! Earrings are great too, obviously jewellery making suits you :)

  3. What a cool venture. Is it difficult making jewelry? It's probably not easy to know when to stop enhancing and adding.
    Love the scenery.

  4. love these pictures so cute xoxo

  5. Gorgeous pictures. I love your top, the cut out detail and the colours are really pretty. xx