Saturday, 28 January 2012

top - ebay £8/ jacket - oasis£20

Follow up shots to the big chop, whilst im supposed to be writing an essay on defamation, I order some new hair the other day, cheaper than this shop hopefully just as good, and at 24inch i think my ego went overboard. I think I would like short hair, I think I don't know. Say goodbye to ombre its dead. hello red.

the only thing i really spend my money on is make up and skin care, beauty post next!



  1. aaah uni i miss them so.
    Masters turned into a snozz fest but hey thats law for yeah.
    Im doing it in intellectual property law and am taking it at stockholm uni for the moment (cuz i miss my cold sweden so much.....not)
    yeah I'm tiny so buffalos are a god sent hahaha.
    dude you should keep an eye out in brighton cuz theres where i found the majority of mine and they eve never been over 40pounds and my union jack once which my mom found where like 10 freaking pounds and they barely looked used .

    what dorm are u living in? i was banished to varley halls where ur building had noooo INTERNET!!!! so it made for allot of vintage style bonding in the kitchen and mad parties hahaha(don't party study now!)

    I felt so old when i was in brighton this christmas to see a everyone seemed so found and different(then again i am just 21 and look like a 12 year old so I'm just whining...another quality of a child)

  2. hey. good to see u back on ur blog.. ;)
    wanted to ask where u ordered ur hair from. i want virgin hair but there seems to be a lot of places, want to try ordering from china or smthng but too scared they'd run away with my money lol

  3. Your hair looks absolutely lush! lovely blog :)

  4. great blog!