Friday, 27 May 2011


top - thift/ shorts - thrift/ bag - primark/ boots - h&m/belt - vintage/ bfs garden

I just want you around
I just need you around
I just want you around
I just need you around

more lauryn hill lyrics. my medicine is supposed to make feel well. i just feel sicker
1st picture im giving instructions to my bf; i wish he had instructed me to fix my hair.

i just want you around

top - thirft/ ring - next

wearing a new snake print blouse i bought my local and charity shop £2.75 as per usual. and a new nail polish by h&m named sunset orange.
Ive been feeling really ill recently, i dont why - a sort of general malaise, which was upgraded to the most painful earache last night and this morning.

on and this are results of my new curling wand.

Friday, 20 May 2011

i gotta find piece of mind

earrings - miss selfrigdes/ top - vintage topshop-thrift/ jeans - vintage levis - thift

new top i bought last week vintage topshop £2.75.

the song i am listening at the moment is lauryn hill - i gotta find piece of mind. its beautifully constructed heard best at an mtv unplugged session circa 1992

Monday, 9 May 2011

seems to red&black

Saturday, 7 May 2011

no change

top - thrift/ shorts - thrift/ bag - primark/ poncho - primark

I think i prefer my picture when they are 'on loacation' or even simply.. out of the house. This were taken at my boyfriend house and last night we went to this pete doherty play in oxford. Ill be honest when i first heard he booked tickets i was like wha? is he even going to turn but he did nd he was actually pretty good!

Also went to a couple of cocktails. including this really cool one where i was in a part mood named lola lo - hawaiain themed

This is a new blouse which I bought with my levis and pleated skirt in the previous post. thrifty aye? each item was £2.75. Normally I don't like floral or at least i try to veer away from them as much as possible but with the flamenco sleeve and the ruffle collar i couldnt resist. These poncho is also new, standard primark. and the bag too.